Joint Spatial Plan - Technical Evidence Work Consultation, November 2018

Updated Transport Topic Paper (update)

The Transport Topic Paper for the JSP sets out the evidence to demonstrate that consideration has4 Updated Transport Topic Paper been given to the critical transport issues in developing the spatial strategy and transport interventions to mitigate the impacts of the spatial strategy.

This paper demonstrates that it is possible to deliver a transport programme that effectively addresses the issues, is feasible, has a reasonable prospect of funding, and has robust delivery mechanisms in place.

This report builds upon the findings of the previous Joint Transport Study2, a high-level strategic study that responded to the current and future connectivity challenges in the West of England and identified strategic mitigation in support of the Strategic Development Locations proposed in the JSP.

The Joint Transport Study provided a high-level overview of the potential strategic mitigation to support the Joint Spatial Plan. This Transport Topic Paper builds on the technical evidence from the Joint Transport Study, setting out further information on the transport issues, the rationale for the transport programme, costs, impacts and delivery case.


Download the document here: WED 007 Transport Topic Paper 8 (update Nov 2018)


Submission documents: The JSP Publication Plan and full submission documents are available to view or download here.

Examination documents: Correspondence between the Inspectors and the four Councils can be viewed here.

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