Joint Spatial Plan - Technical Evidence Work Consultation, November 2018

Updated Employment Evidence


As part of the JSP process a number of economic and employment evidence documents have already been prepared including an Economic Development Needs Assessment (EDNA, 2016), which includes a series of economic forecasts from Oxford Economics, as well as topic papers drawing the available evidence together. 6 Updated Evidence on Employment

Hardisty Jones Associates (HJA) and Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) were appointed this year by the four councils - Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire, to independently review the policies, supporting evidence and consultation responses related to employment within the JSP.

The review process identified a number of areas where the available evidence could be strengthened and updated. This included more detailed consideration of:

  • the need to replace anticipated losses and updating of the employment land supply position as set out within Appendix B to the 2016 EDNA,
  • consequentially considering whether this had implications for the assessment of future employment land requirements in terms of gross levels of activity,
  • historic development activity levels drawing on completions data collated by the four councils,
  • and as a result, updating the analysis comparing the supply and demand position.

This report is specifically focused on the requirement for and provision of B Use Class sites and premises.

In setting out additional evidence, this report enables more informed consideration of employment issues raised by the Inspectors (within their initial letter - ED01) and criticisms of both
the robustness of the existing evidence base and the sufficiency of employment sites and premises provision made by consultation respondents as summarised in SD8A Engagement Report of Key Issues Raised at Regulation 19 Consultation (April 2018). 

The updated Employment Evidence was published for consultation in November 2018. During the consultation period, some errors were found with some detail of historic completions within the document. Corrections have been made and a revised Employment Evidence report is now available dated January 2019 below:

Download the documents here: 

The four West of England councils have informed the Inspectors, who have considered the timings of the availability for the updated Employment Evidence Report in relation to the Technical Evidence Work consultation that ended on Monday 7th January.

Respondents who replied to the below documents during the Joint Spatial Plan - Technical Evidence Work Consultation, November 2018 and Joint Spatial Plan: Publication – Plan, November 2017 consultations will be advised of the updated evidence.

- SD 15A Topic Paper 3 Employment (November 2017)
- SD 15B West of England Economic Development Needs Assessment (EDNA), March 2016
- WED 006 Employment Evidence Update (November 2018)
- WED 006A Employment Evidence Appendix 3 Supply Schedule ( November 2018) and WED 006B Historic Completions Data (November 2018)

Please note that the Inspectors have agreed that the examination participants will be given the opportunity to take into account the change of the historic completions data within the report, and subsequent refresh of the findings within the Updated Employment Evidence report in responding to the Inspectors Matters and Issues.

Submission documents: The JSP Publication Plan and full submission documents are available to view or download here.

Examination documents: Correspondence between the Inspectors and the four Councils can be viewed here.

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