Joint Spatial Plan - Technical Evidence Work Consultation, November 2018

Justification of the requirements for the 12 Strategic Development Locations in Policy 7-7.12

Policy 7 of the JSP sets out the following Strategic Development Locations (SDLs) which will be delivered during the plan period:

• Bath and North East Somerset - North Keynsham and Whitchurch.7 Updated justifcation for the SDL
• Bristol - Land at Bath Road, Brislington.
• North Somerset - Backwell, Banwell Garden Village, Churchill Garden Village and Nailsea.
• South Gloucestershire - Buckover Garden Village, Charfield, Coalpit Heath, Thornbury and Yate.

The four councils – Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire have prepared a justification paper for each of the 12 SDLs.

For each section in the justification of the requirements for the 12 Strategic Development Locations in Policy 7.1 - 7.12, the submitted JSP criterion text is provided along with a summary of the justification. Where a suggested amendment to a criterion is proposed, this is set out in the table. Please note that the introductory paragraphs and Key Diagrams for each SDL are not reproduced in the reports.

Please also note that the JSP does not allocate sites or identify specific boundaries for these SDLs. The below areas will be defined and refined as work progresses.

  • the form of development,
  • the infrastructure provisions required,
  • the delivery

Download the documents here:

Submission documents:
The JSP Publication Plan and full submission documents are available to view or download here.

Examination documents: Correspondence between the Inspectors and the four Councils can be viewed here.

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