Joint Spatial Plan - Technical Evidence Work Consultation, November 2018

Schedule of Proposed Changes

8 Schedule of ChangesThe schedule of proposed changes are not formal changes to the JSP, but have been put forward for the Inspectors’ consideration as part of the JSP examination process. These changes may or may not result in modifications to the JSP in due course.

The schedule of proposed changes to the West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) has been agreed through the delegated arrangements established by the four council - Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

There are a number of reasons for these changes, including requests from the Inspectors for greater clarity, to take account of updated evidence since the JSP was submitted in April 2018, and to correct outstanding errors. These changes need to be read in conjunction with Document WED 004, which sets out the justification of the JSP Policy 7 Strategic Development Locations (SDL) site requirements. Some of these changes would require consequential amendments to the JSP Key Diagram if they become Main Modifications.

The schedule of proposed changes document has been published for consultation from 12 November to 7 January 2019. New text is shown in bold typeface and deleted text is struck through.

Download the document here: WED 002 - Schedule of Proposed Changes

Submission documents: The JSP Publication Plan and full submission documents are available to view or download here.

Examination documents: Correspondence between the Inspectors and the four Councils can be viewed here.


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