West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy

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The Joint Spatial Plan: Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy

The four West of England Councils – Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire – are working together to produce a West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) and Joint Transport Study (JTS), which will set out a prospectus for sustainable growth to help the region meet its housing and transport needs for the next 20 years, to 2036.

In the autumn (2016), residents, businesses, the development sector and other stakeholders responded to draft proposals for delivering new homes, land for employment and infrastructure. This was a second stage of consultation and these responses have been analysed and reported to Members at public meetings of the Strategic Leaders Board, the Joint Scrutiny Committee and a special joint meeting of the Planning, Homes and Communities Board and the Joint Transport Executive Committee. The reports are available to view at our meeting pages here.


You can read the full JSP and JTS consultation report here.

The full responses received from the second consultation on the JSP are published and are available here.

If you are having problems finding a response then help is available here.


Where respondents included land that they consider to have development potential we have uploaded this information to our online mapping system.

(Please note the online mapping includes sites submitted by respondents to previous JSP consultation stages).

NB: The inclusion of a site on our online map does not mean the local authorities in the West of England support the site for development, or that the site has development potential.


An initial Issues and Options consultation ran in 2015, which helped to inform the principles that we applied to drafting the proposals consulted on above. You can view the responses and the analysis of those responses to the Joint Spatial Plan Issues and Options consultation and the Joint Transport Plan Issues and Options consultation.

These consultations have now closed.


The consultation document is still available for reference here: West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy document.


What happens next?

The four Councils will now take the next few months to consider and evaluate the consultation responses and, as appropriate, to revise draft proposals that will allow the West of England to meet the predicted demand for new housing and jobs over the next 20 years. They will also review the potential schemes that will tackle existing issues on roads and other infrastructure to help meet the increased demands that will come with growth in population and economic activity.

In Summer 2017 we are aiming to publish an updated draft proposal for a further round of consultation in Autumn 2017.

The feedback from that consultation will in turn be considered and incorporated into a final draft JSP, which will be submitted to Government for approval at the end of 2017.

The Secretary of State will then appoint an independent Planning Inspector who will subject the plan to an Examination in Public (EiP), in 2018. The Secretary of State will then be asked to approve or reject the plan. Once approved, the plan will then be adopted by the four Authorities,

Once adopted, the JSP will become a statutory Development Plan Document and will guide the four Councils in the development of their own Local Plans.

The four Councils keep control over how development is permitted in their area, but the demand and approach to meeting that demand will have been decided collectively and with extensive public and stakeholder consultation.


The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and the JSP/JTS

The new West of England Combined Authority, led by the West of England Mayor (due to be elected on May 4), will have responsibility for managing aspects of the delivery of housing and infrastructure growth. Through an Infrastructure fund of £900m and new powers for land assembly, joint ventures and Mayoral Development Corporations, the West of England Combined Authority will be able to support the delivery of the JSP sites and JTP infrastructure. After May 2018, the Mayor will have responsibility for a Spatial Development Strategy for just the Combined Authority Area. Following the adoption of the Joint Spatial Plan, North Somerset will continue to work in close partnership with the other Authorities, while not being formally part of the Combined Authority.

This website will keep you up to date with timescales and progress as we move forward post-consultation.

If you would like to refer to the technical documents and reports which supported the phase 2 consultation then these can still be accessed here.



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