West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy

Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy Document

Previous consultation

During the public consultation on the Issues and Options document we set out potential strategic locations classified by broad typologies and asked for comments on five potential generalised spatial scenarios to base the Plan’s spatial strategy upon. These are listed below and pictorial representations of the first three are shown at Maps 1-3:

  • Protection of the Green Belt
  • Concentration at Bristol Urban Area
  • Transport Focused
  • A more even spread of development across the sub-region
  • New Settlement or (a limited number of expanded settlements).

A wide range of views were expressed through the consultation. Broad support was indicated for one or a combination of both of the following options:

  1. Protection of the Green Belt
  2. Transport Focussed.


Map 1

Green Belt

Map 2


Map 3


Following the outcome of the consultation, further technical work has been undertaken to look at the range of locations across the West of England and test the merit of alternative approaches and scenarios. We have sought to draw out components of each of the options that people valued and have distilled those into a single draft emerging spatial strategy. A wider range of factors and issues including transport, sustainability, green belt, environmental, community building, place making, protecting valued landscapes and places have been considered.

This has come together to produce a pragmatic, deliverable plan which overall produces a balanced strategy which best delivers the plan’s objectives. This has been tested against the objectives of the Sustainability Appraisal and strategic modelling of the transport impacts as part of the Joint Transport Study. Topic Paper 1 sets out the full methodology for preparing the Spatial Strategy.