West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy

Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy Document

Purpose of this document and what happens now?

Before the plan preparation progresses to the publication plan (final draft plan), we want to seek people’s views on the emerging spatial strategy in this document. The strategy is not fixed and we recognise that further work is necessary including taking on board comments from this additional stage of consultation. The additional stage of consultation has been undertaken as it is critical to ensure everyone can have an opportunity to comment and help shape the emerging spatial scenario. This is particularly important as no alternative spatial strategy was put forward at the Issues and Options stage and we want to ensure that the opportunity is provided for alternatives to come forward.

This draft document on ‘Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy’ and supporting evidence is open to consultation between 7th November and 19th December 2016. This consultation is being undertaken jointly with the consultation on the Joint Transport Study. The work streams are closely linked and consultation responses will inform both the final draft of the plan and the transport vision in the Joint Transport Study.