West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy

Towards the Emerging Spatial Strategy Document

Reviewing the evidence base

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local plans to prepare a strategic housing market assessment (SHMA) to have a clear understanding of the needs of their area. In the West of England two Housing Market Areas have been identified, a Wider Bristol Housing Market Area and a Bath Housing Market Area.

The Issues and Options consultation proposed that the JSP was based on meeting the needs of the Bristol Housing Market area but delivered across the West of England (including potential sites within the Bath Housing Market Area). Following representations received the evidence base has been reviewed. The JSP will plan to meet the needs arising from both the Bristol and the Bath housing market areas to 2036. The Bath SHMA has been fully updated to provide consistent information to 2036, and the resulting OAN has since been reviewed in the context of new data. The wider Bristol SHMA has also been reviewed and now takes account of the representations received to the Issues and Options consultation and new data. The Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) for both housing market areas is currently estimated to be 97,800 (wider Bristol HMA remaining at 85,000 despite likely reductions to the household projection, and Bath HMA at 12,800). With a further allowance of 4,400 for additional older person housing, the assessment of overall need is currently 102,200. Both SHMAs will be fully updated prior to Plan Publication to take account of the most up-todate information available at that time, so a buffer of 2% has been included in the housing target to allow for any changes to these estimates as they are finalised. A Topic Paper on the Housing Target sets out the approach and evidence to formulating the housing target.

The JSP will provide the framework to deliver up to 105,000 net additional new homes between 2016 and 2036 of which, around 32,200 (30%) should be affordable homes.

The housing target of up to 105,000, supports the planned job growth of 82,500 jobs for the period 2016-2036 (or 125,900 jobs between the period 2010-2036).

Housing target graph