Joint Spatial Plan: Issues and Options

Types of development and potential locations

There are various types of development when considering major housing and employment expansion. In broad terms, these are:Overall

1 - URBAN INTENSIFICATION: Opportunities to deliver additional development within urban areas.

There are opportunities for urban development in our larger urban areas, where sites once used for other purposes could usefully be repurposed for housing.

Developments within urban areas are able to benefit from existing transport systems although this has to be balanced with the potential impact on congestion.


2 - URBAN EXTENSION: A planned expansion of the urban area into adjacent countryside.

In parts of South Gloucestershire to the north and east of Bristol, there are areas that could be expanded.

South West Bristol, an area taking in land in Bristol and North Somerset, is also a possibility. An extension to Weston-super- Mare could also be considered.

Within the Bath and North East Somerset local authority area, there are potential locations on the south eastern edge of Bristol.

3 - TOWN EXPANSION: Planned expansion of existing towns detached from existing urban areas.

There could be potential for expansion of our towns in North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bath & North East Somerset area.

4 - OTHER: This mostly covers smaller opportunities, such as village expansion or a cluster of sites being brought together to form a strategic option.

Avonmouth/Severnside, which is one of the West of England’s Enterprise Areas, has potential for development of employment and homes, as do parts of South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bath & North East Somerset.

We have also identified that housing growth could also be delivered through development of new settlements - although no specific proposals are currently identified.

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