West of England Joint Spatial Plan

West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Publication - November 2017


A Garden Village will be developed on land either side of the A38 at Buckover (east of Thornbury) as shown indicatively on the Key Diagram.

An appropriate delivery body, including the land value capture, ownership and management of assets, long-term stewardship and governance arrangements (for the benefit of the community), land uses, master planning and detailed design principles will accord with Garden City principles and shall be agreed with the Council following consultation with the local community, Parish and Town Councils and other relevant stakeholders.

These principles will be set out in a new Local Plan policy and other planning policy documentation and delivery agreements as appropriate.

The Garden Village should also comply with the following key strategic objectives and infrastructure requirements:

  • Provision of around 3,000 dwellings (including affordable homes), to be delivered by a full range of providers and of a wide range of types and tenures, complementing existing predominant house types in the local area. At least 1,500 will be delivered within the plan period. The homes will be innovative, of high quality design, spacious and well-planned, meeting Nationally Described Space Standards as a minimum.
  • A new Local Plan policy will establish an appropriate policy designation to ensure a permanent strategic gap between the new Garden Village and Thornbury.
  • A Green Infrastructure network will also be established to ensure a permanent and robust landscape edge to the western boundary of Buckover Garden Village, Ridgewood and the setting of local heritage and ecological assets are protected and local food production is given emphasis within the new settlement.
  • Provision of and support for a range of retail, community & cultural facilities in the Garden Village and potentially other nearby communities to complement existing local provision.
  • Provision of a primary school and 3-16 all through school and nursery(s).
  • Provision of around 11 ha of employment land to provide a range of local employment opportunities, including provision for start-up, SMEs and larger businesses.
  • Embedding of zero-carbon and energy positive solutions throughout the planning, design and delivery process across the whole settlement.
  • Provision of a strategic transport package including as appropriate delivery of or contributions towards: Metrobus Extension to Thornbury & Buckover GV, A38(N) Park & Ride, M5 J14 improvements, Charfield rail station re-opening, local bus service improvements (including new local shuttlebus to Thornbury), strategic and local cycle and pedestrian connections to Thornbury and other local highway network improvements as necessary.
  • Consideration will also be required to ensure the A38 can continue to act as an effective relief road to the M5 without detriment to the new resident's health & wellbeing.