West of England Joint Spatial Plan

West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Publication - November 2017


Land to the south west of Nailsea is shown indicatively on the Key Diagram as the broad location to accommodate a new extension to the town. The key strategic principles and infrastructure requirements are as follows:

  • Delivery of an extension to the south west of Nailsea with its own character and sense of identity for around 2575 dwellings including affordable housing. An additional 725 dwellings are estimated beyond 2036.
  • Creation of a new local centre to form the heart of the new community with a range of retail, employment, services and facilities, but of a scale and type which is complementary to Nailsea town centre which will remain the main centre.
  • Higher densities at the local centre and at accessible locations, particularly along the proposed MetroBus route and lower densities towards the western edge of the development.
  • Creation of new footpath and cycleways linking the new local centre with residential areas, locations within Nailsea and the rail station and public transport services.
  • Development to be mitigated with the delivery of:
  1. New multi-modal link from A370 Long Ashton Bypass to station interchange (including rail crossing), new development area and Nailsea town centre, with connection to A370 west of Backwell (including rail crossing) and a new or improved connection to the M5;
  2. New MetroBus route linking Bristol to Nailsea from Long Ashton Bypass to the station interchange (including rail crossing), new development area and Nailsea town centre, and onward link to Clevedon via M5 J20 link; and
  3. Opportunities to phase delivery of the highway improvements in step with parts of the development may be explored.
  • Local junction improvements including Station Road, and A370 Backwell signalised junction.
  • Provision of a secondary school of 8 ha and four primary schools of at least 2.4ha each, located to maximise safe access by walking and cycling.
  • Strategic approach to the assessment, safeguarding and enhancement of greater and lesser horseshoe bat habitat, and Tickenham; Nailsea and Kenn Moor SSSI interests. This includes investigating the potential for a dark corridor through the new development linking habitats at Backwell through to open countryside to the north and at Batch Farm Meadow wildlife site.
  • Protection of heritage assets and their settings particularly listed farm buildings in the area whose settings should be addressed through a sensitive green infrastructure strategy.
  • Long-term water storage and other measures are likely to be required as part of a sustainable drainage strategy, as well as reduced run-off rates to surrounding area. Measures to ensure water quality and levels are not adversely impacted on the nearby Tickenham Moors SSSI must be in place.
  • The separate identity and character of Nailsea and Backwell will be retained through the provision of an appropriate Strategic Gap.
  • Improvements to the rail station to create a multimodal interchange including enhanced parking, facilitating increased frequency and capacity, accessibility and accommodating a MetroBus interchange.
  • Consideration of relocation/undergrounding of existing pylons.
  • Identification of around 10.5 ha of employment land well-connected to the railway station, local centre and Metrobus route. Investigate the potential for a new office park close to the railway with optimum travel links.