West of England Joint Spatial Plan

West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Publication - November 2017


Development at North and East Keynsham is shown on the Key Diagram. Development in this area should comply with the following key strategic principles and infrastructure requirements:

  • The delivery of around 1,500 new homes, with 1,400 homes built in the plan period, optimising densities and including affordable housing.
  • Include around 50,000 m2 of employment floorspace.
  • Creation of a new local centre to provide a focal point for the new community with an appropriate range of small-scale retail, services and facilities.
  • A new primary school on site and financial contribution to the provision of a secondary education provision off site. 
  • New mixed tenure marina providing residential and leisure moorings. 
  • A layout and form that produces a high quality of urban design, contributes positively to local character and distinctiveness, and that mitigates impact on sensitive views (including key views from the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). This should incorporate a well-integrated, multifunctional green infrastructure network that includes new wetland features, restored floodplain meadows and new woodland.
  • Provision of key transport infrastructure including:
    1. North Keynsham multi modal link from Avon Mill Lane to A4. This new link will be designed as a street through the development, considering the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, public transport and vehicles, and capable of performing a wider strategic function for traffic relief in Keynsham. Development will have a positive relationship with the link road;
    2. Pedestrian and cycle connections in all directions which link the site with key services and facilities. These include Keynsham rail station, the town centre, the A4 public transport corridor, the A4175 Keynsham Road and the Bristol to Bath cycle path with the potential for new bridge connections across the River Avon;
    3. Where existing vehicle routes across the railway line are no longer required for continued use by motor traffic, seek to downgrade them to pedestrian and cycle only links;
    4. Metrobus (high quality public transport) route from Bristol to Keynsham on the A4 corridor;
    5. High frequency local bus service following an orbital route connecting the site to the town centre, Metrobus, rail and other local bus services;
    6. Improved passenger facilities at Keynsham rail station;
    7. Off-site junction improvements including at Hicks Gate; and
    8. Expanded or relocated A4 Bristol Park & Ride.

No housing will be completed at the North Keynsham SDL ahead of the Avon Mill Lane to A4 link, Keynsham rail station improvements and Metrobus (high quality public transport) route from Bristol to Keynsham on the A4 corridor being completed. This should not prejudice a full Transportation Assessment which will be required for each location.