West of England Joint Spatial Plan

West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Publication - November 2017


The development of land at Whitchurch is shown on the Key Diagram. Development in this area should comply with the following key strategic principles and infrastructure requirements:

  • Around 2,500 new homes, optimising densities with 1,600 homes built in the plan period, including affordable housing.
  • Provide retail, healthcare and community facilities, two new primary schools and a secondary school.
  • Deliver environmental enhancements to Whitchurch village and its local centre.
  • Establish a Green Infrastructure network that meets the needs of the development and includes the existing open gap between Whitchurch village and the Bristol urban area and the landscape character of Stockwood Vale.
  • Include employment spaces at a quantum and of a type to be determined though the Local Plan.
  • Preserve and/or enhance the Queen Charlton Conservation Area, and the Maes Knoll and Wansdyke Scheduled Monuments and their settings.
  • Provision of key transport infrastructure including;

i. Multi-modal link connecting A4, A37 and the south Bristol link road;

ii. Park and ride provision;

iii. Metrobus (high quality public transport) route from Bristol on the A4-A37 link;

iv. Pedestrian and cycle connections in all directions which link the site with key services and facilities. These include extending and improving walking and cycling routes to Bristol, Keynsham and to the countryside to the south; and

v. Off-site junction improvements including at Hicks Gate.

No dwellings will be completed at the Whitchurch SDL ahead of:

i. Park and Ride, and

ii. the multi-modal link A4-A37-south Bristol link including as a pre-requisite, the Callington Road scheme being completed.

The strategic infrastructure listed above should not prejudice a full Transportation Assessment which will be required for each location.