West of England Joint Spatial Plan

West of England Joint Spatial Plan: Publication - November 2017


The relocation of Brislington Park & Ride to land near Hicks Gate Roundabout within Bath and North East Somerset will enable the creation of a new neighbourhood within Bristol. Development in this area should comply with the following strategic principles and infrastructure requirements:

    • Provision of at least 750 new homes;
    • Mix of uses to be provided in accordance with masterplanning process;
    • Retention and incorporation of hedgerows into development, including the hedgerows along Scotland Lane;
    • The Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) strategy will include surface water runoff management measures to remediate existing issues on the Scotland Bottom watercourse and Scotland Lane;
    • Provision of a linear recreational park incorporating Scotland Bottom watercourse to allow for maintenance of the watercourse and the protection and enhancement of nature conservation. The park should include walking and cycling routes;
    • Avoidance of unnecessary sterilisation of coal resources within the Minerals Safeguarding Area;
    • Financial contributions to the provision of primary school places off site;
    • The provision of key transport infrastructure in advance of development including;
      1. Relocation of Brislington Park & Ride to land near Hicks Gate Roundabout within Bath and North East Somerset;
      2. Callington Road Link / A4 Rapid Transit Scheme;
      3. Widening of the A4 strategic road network corridor to provide public transport infrastructure inbound and outbound, and an adjacent strategic greenway providing walking and cycling paths with links across Bath Road, and a landscape frontage alongside the A4;
    • Other transport improvements:
      1. A4 - A37 link, which may incorporate a MetroBus route;
      2. Review the use of Scotland Lane, in light of delivering the A4-A37- south Bristol link, to reduce through traffic and provide walking and cycling facilities;
      3. Extending and improving cycle routes to Bristol, Keynsham, and to the countryside to the south.