West of England Joint Spatial Plan

JSP Examination

West of England Joint Spatial Plan Examination

The Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) was submitted to the Secretary of State on the 13th April 2018. On this date the JSP entered the ‘examination stage’.  It is during this stage where the independent Inspector(s) review the plan and its supporting evidence base and determine whether the plan is sound and therefore ready to be adopted. This stage involves examination Hearing sessions, led by the inspectors, in which members of the public and officers of the authorities will be invited by the Inspectors to participate on specific matters to assist the Inspector in considering the policies and principles set within the JSP.

As part of the inspectors’ initial review of the JSP, additional work has been requested to be made public. The details of the additional work being carried out can be found below under Examination Documents (ED01/02/03).

The councils are currently preparing this additional evidence base work on which they envisage consultation taking place in November 2018. Details of this consultation and the information that will be considered and how to participate will be published in due course.

Mr Malcolm Rivett BA (Hons) MSc MRTPI and Mr Steven Lee BA (Hons) MA MRTPI have been appointed as Inspectors to conduct the Examination and determine whether the JSP is sound and legally compliant.

Examination Hearing Sessions

The dates and venue for the hearings, along with the Inspectors' draft timetable and issues to be discussed at the hearings will be available in due course.

Examination Documents

ED01 - Inspectors' initial letter to councils - 1 June 2018

WoE01 - West of England Joint Council's Response to Inspectors’ letter ED01- 18th June 2018

WoE01 - Annex 1 WoE Schedule of Responses to ED01- 18th June 2018

WoE01 - Annex 2 Compliance Schedule with the Duty to Cooperate - 18th June 2018

ED02 - Inspectors' second letter to councils - 28th June4

WoE02 - West of England Joint Councils Response to Inspectors letter ED02 - 23rd July

WoE02 - West of England Joint Councils Response to Inspectors letter ED02 Annex 1 - 23rd July

ED03 - Inspectors' third letter to councils - 1st August

Please note that the Inspectors have indicated that they are not inviting, nor are anticipating accepting, any comments on these letters from parties other than the Councils at this stage. Details on arrangements for the submission of further statements in relation to the Plan from other parties will be published in due course.

Further relevant documents will be added as the Examination progresses.

Submitted Documents - are available to view or download here.

Evidence Base

Consultation responses - are available to view or download here.

Further relevant documents will be added as the Examination progresses.

Programme Officer

The four West of England Councils have appointed Robert Young who is independent of the Councils and will report directly to the Inspectors.

Contact details of the Programme Officer include:
Email address - Robert.Young@n-somerset.gov.uk 
Telephone number - 07719 036 117

If you made representations on the JSP Publication Plan, the Programme Officer will be in contact with you in due course.

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