West of England Joint Transport Study: Transport Vision

Our progress so far

In November 2015, we asked for your views on challenges facing the current transport network, and the sort of schemes you would like to see delivered.

You advised us that you were concerned, in particular, about congestion and quality of life. You also said that investment in public transport and cycling corridors was a particular priority.

Since then, we have been considering different options and working up transport schemes and packages that best deliver the transport objectives of the West of England area, taking on board your views from that consultation.

How ambitious should we be?

The West of England, on balance, is a net contributor to the HM Treasury. We need to plan for the future needs of one of the UK’s fastest growing city regions, including supporting the delivery of new jobs and new homes by 2036. We need to improve connections across the West of England to ensure that our future economic growth is not compromised by congestion on our transport network.

We are proposing a £7.5 billion Transport Vision for delivery over the next twenty years. This represents the scale of intervention which is necessary to tackle traffic congestion and ensure that our future economic growth can be supported. The transport vision has a major focus on public transport investment, and we will need to identify new funding streams to help deliver this scale of investment.