Transport Vision

How does this package relate to the Joint Spatial Plan?

We are also asking for views on the draft Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) as part of this joint consultation. The JSP sets out proposals for housing and employment development from 2026 to 2036. Whilst the Transport Vision has a focus on dealing with current challenges on the network as well as supporting long term economic growth, some of the schemes in the package (with a value of around £1.8 billion) also help address the impact of new trips being made to and from the JSP development locations. Subject to the results of the consultation, the councils will carefully plan how to ensure that investment programmes are prioritised, so that new development locations come forward at the same time as the transport schemes which help to address their impacts on the network.

The cost of addressing the transport impact of the JSP will need to be augmented by additional funding (either locally generated or from central government) to deliver the Transport Vision, to improve the performance of the network rather than just to maintain ‘business as usual’ in the light of housing and employment growth.

What happens next?
The consultation runs for six weeks until 19th December 2016. We will then take account of your comments and suggestions, and a final report and recommendations will be submitted to council members in Spring 2017. They will then decide how to update the Joint Local Transport Plan to take account of the study recommendations. Simultaneously, we will start the process of lobbying central government, with our strategic partners, to lever in the necessary funds to deliver the Transport Vision.


We would like your views on the proposed transport vision. Please complete the consultation survey below.