West of England Joint Transport Study

Our Objectives

Where are we trying to get to? Our objectives

We currently have a number of policy objectives in the Joint Local Transport Plan, which are outlined below. We're seeking views on whether they should remain as key objectives as they will be important in how we prioritise future transport investment.

  • Support economic growth: transport should support growth and focus on connecting main employment areas to where people live.
  • Reduce carbon emissions: proposals should aim to reduce carbon emissions by providing better travel choices such as walking, cycling and better public transport.
  • Promote accessibility: schemes should make it easier for people to access jobs, education and services such as hospitals.
  • Contribute to better safety, health and security: investment should contribute to better personal safety and reduce road traffic collisions.
  • Improve quality of life and a healthy, natural environment: projects should aim to reduce traffic volumes, noise and emissions and protect the natural environment.

What do you think? Are these the right objectives? Are there any others that we should consider?

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