Managing e-Petitions

If you are assigned as the site's Facility Manager for e-petitions or as a Responding Officer, you can access the Site -> Manage e-Petitions menu to manage e-petitions. The Facility Manager has overall control of the site's e-petitions and their configuration. Responding Officers are assigned e-petitions to check and approve and respond to. The Facility Manager is able to view all Draft e-petitions and assign them to Responding Officers.

The Site -> Manage e-Petitions page gives you a tabbed view of all of the e-petitions on your site. The "My e-petitions" tab shows e-petitions that have been assigned to you as a Responding Officer, or are unassigned if you are the Facility Manager. The "All" tab lists all e-petitions in your site, and the remaining tabs list e-petitions that are Draft, Open, Rejected, Closed or Completed.

The following steps outline the workflow of an e-petition, and explain where the Facility Manager and Responding Officer roles come in:

  1. Create and submit an e-petition

    Any registered user can create a new e-petition. When an e-petition is initially created it is submitted for approval by the Facility Manager / Responding Officer and its status is set to "Draft". Newly created e-petitions will not appear on the website until they have been either approved or rejected.

    The Facility Manager is notified by email when a new e-petition is created. They can then view the e-petition online and optionally assign it to a Responding Officer.

  2. Review the e-petition

    If the e-petition meets all requirements for online e-petitions then it can be approved and its status set to "Open". If changes need to be made to the e-petition then it can be returned back to the petitioner with a note explaining the changes required. The petitioner can then make those changes and resubmit the e-petition. If an e-petition is inappropriate or does not get resubmitted then it can be rejected.

    Once an e-petition has its status set to "Open" then it is displayed on the website in the list of open e-petitions and can be viewed and signed by other people for its duration. "Rejected" e-petitions also appear on the website but cannot be signed.

    You can monitor the signatories on an e-petition, and hide the details of any which you think are unacceptable for publication.

  3. Close and process the e-petition

    The e-petition will be closed automatically once its duration has expired. It can be closed manually if required. Once closed, you can decide if there are sufficient signatures to require a response or any further action on the e-petition.

    Once any appropriate action has been taken on the e-petition, it can be set to "Completed", and it will remain visible on the website.

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